Guide to effective time management for Students | 10 practical tips

Time management is a crucial skill for students to develop. It is widely known that at the time of exams many students are unable to answer all the questions. They know the answer to all questions. But due to lack of time they are unable to write an answer. Why does this happen? 

Because many students don’t know how to manage their time. On top of that, the pressure of exams makes them make more mistakes by picking up hard questions first. 

time management for students

This leads to an increase in anxiety, nervousness and lack of confidence. Then what is time management for students?

It is the ability to manage all the tasks by giving them proper allocation of time. Like how many hours do one need to understand the subjects they are weak in. How much time is sufficient for easy subjects?

Once you learn how to manage the time, you can easily tackle the hard situations. Plus, you will have control over the situation and can deal with it as you wish. Time management will help you achieve better results than others. 

Benefits of time management for students

  1. Academic success: One can properly divide their time for studies, fun activities, for completion of assignments, outdoor activities, and extra co-curricular tasks. It helps in better results, and developing other skills too. 
  2. Reduces Stress: With proper allocation of time to all activities students can feel at rest after completion of the task. If one manages successfully there won’t be any stress. No feeling of being overloaded b with tasks. No tension. 
  3. Personal Growth:  Learning to manage your time effectively is a skill that extends beyond your academic life. It prepares you for future responsibilities in your personal and professional life.
  4. More Opportunity: Time management allows you to make the most of your college experience. You can engage in extracurricular activities, networking events, and internships. You can do the above along with academic tasks.

Now let’s deep dive into practical ways of managing time.

Now let’s deep dive into practical ways of managing time. 

Create a schedule

Create a schedule on a weekly basis. Arrange the tasks from easy to hard. There are subjects which are hard to understand. They need more time. Put them on the weekend. Easy tasks help you build confidence. And a good habit. 

how to do time management for students

Prioritize the tasks

If exams are near then your priority should be studying. Then other tasks that are important. Like completion of a side project, any extra classes like music and other. Always prioritize the tasks. 

Goal Sheet

Create a sheet, and write down all goals you want to achieve in that year. This helps you in understanding what you want to do. They will always tell where you are going. Make sure you have one stuck on the wall of your room. 

Avoid procrastination

The biggest hurdle of time management for students is procrastination. It can destroy your entire time table. Say no to it. Always. If you are avoiding some tasks and postponing it to the next day, it is going to overload the next day. By any means it is not completed the next day, the day after the next day is going to be full of tasks. And no time for hanging out. So avoid postponing things. 

Learn Say to No

Say no to distractions. Don’t prioritize menial tasks over important tasks. Sometimes they may feel like an important task. Always ask for what? Be selective on what you want to do. Don’t say yes to everything your parents, friends or siblings ask for? If it is something you want to do then make an arrangement in your schedule accordingly. Then go ahead and enjoy it. 

Use technology

Learn to use technology to improve yourself. There are the best apps for time management for students. Like google calendar for scheduling the tasks, Sheets for Goal, Keep for reminder, and many more. Use the technology for your own advantage. Don’t get addicted to it. 

 Time Blocking 

A concept of doing certain tasks for particular time period. For example, early morning at 5 am to 6.30 am slot is fixated for revision of yesterday’s study. Your whole focus will be on revision. No assignments and no entertainment during this time period. It helps to increase focus, determination, and ability to commit to certain tasks. These ability will be your stronghold for the rest of your life. So block your time and focus one thing at a time.

advantages of time management for students

Take care of yourself

The sole purpose of time management is to improve yourself. So keep a time slot for yourself. The things you want to do. Things you enjoy. Have fun. These things will help you clear your mind, body and make you refreshed from daily tasks. This results in increased productivity and improved focus towards your tasks and goals. It also brings clarity in your life. 

Avoid Multitasking 

It is tempting for students to increase the knowledge bank, or other activities such as sports, and co-curricular activities, doing multiple projects at a time. Resulting in an increase in tasks. You only have 24 hours in a day to deal with all the tasks. It is best to avoid multitasking. There are studies which show multitasking reduces productivity. Instead of focusing on many things, focus on one thing. 

Review and arrange your schedule

Do a regular review of what you are doing. Is it working or not? Does it suit your lifestyle or not? Make changes accordingly and recreate the entire schedule if necessary. As tasks are completed update them with new ones. Continuous improvement is going to help you with better time management. 

These 10 things must for time management for students as early in your life. This will for sure help you achieve your goals. Build better habits as you make progress in your daily life. And become a better version of yourself. 


Time management for students is very necessary. WIth multiple things that students want to do on a daily basis can create a turmoil in their head. With a proper time and task management students can do more things and can achieve better results. By following the above methods one can easily achieve better success than the rest. As we know there is no end to learning new things. But with better time management one can learn things better and apply them in their life more effectively. 

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