5 Best Personal Growth Books for everyone

Personal growth is a very big topic in his world. But most ignored the topic. Why? No one teaches us about ourselves. What is it we want? What is we desire? And What do we want to do in our life? Have you ever read the best personal growth books?

We are bombarded with a heap of information that will help us to get our 2 times of lunch. No one teaches you how to recognize your thought patterns. Why are you who you are? To help you understand these questions itself you need to learn about personal growth. One can learn all these from best personal growth books out there.

personal growth books

Many of you have heard the term Personal Growth. It is also called self-growth or personal Development. But do you know what it means? Well, the simple answer is some changes in your day to day life that increase or bring potential benefits to your life. Something that makes you more capable than today.

Let’s look into the Dictionary Definition of Personal Growth. Let me quote from Wikipedia, “Personal development or self-improvement consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, enhance quality of life, and facilitate the realization of dreams and aspirations”.

Do self-help books really work?

Yes, if you implement them. These books are written by people who applied certain principles and certain laws to their life. These books expose those things to all common people. If applied, success is the next step.

Why should one focus on Personal Growth?

To be honest it is not necessary that you should focus on personal growth, but it is the need of the time. Let me tell you why. In this fast paced world where competition is very high, it is very difficult to keep up with it. Everyone is capable. Means, everyone is either below average, average, or above the average. Only a few, whom we call exceptional people, are above the rest. T

hey are like the top 10% of the entire world who hold the majority of the world’s fortune. I am not talking about England’s Queen or something. I am talking about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and the most famous Elon Musk. These are some of the richest people in the world. They live by certain principles.

What a personal development book provides?

Have you ever heard the name, Napoleon Hill? He is one of the famous writers who brought the success formula to common people. His book the law of success tells us how anyone can achieve success if they follow the laws that made few people rich. He has mentioned 15 laws of success. If you apply them, success is guaranteed. He went ahead and interviewed all successful people in America and wrote those laws.

best personal growth books of all time

The basic idea behind these books is how your thinking can change the way you look at
certain situations. If you make some changes within yourself and have discipline, even a
common man can achieve success in his life.

How to apply these changes to life?

If you have thought about it let me give you a insight into one of the best personal growth books journey. Atomic Habit by James Clear. He has mentioned in detail how to create a habit that will help you achieve success and discipline in your life. In his book he has mentioned various situations on how one develops a good and bad habit.

Now let’s say you have a bad habit of smoking. And you want to quit smoking for whatever reason. But you can’t help it when someone is smoking around you. You tend to think about smoking for the last time. And that last time never comes up.

The book answers why you can’t quit smoking. Not just that it even talks about how you have developed that particular habit. Once you know why and how you end up smoking, it becomes clear how you can avoid smoking. It is a mindset game.

Best personal growth books of all time

1. Think and Grow Rich

It is another book by Napoleon Hill who talks about getting what you want. One of the most powerful topics he himself mentions is power of desire. If your desire is strong and in the right direction, no one can stop you.

Second, which I think is relevant in the current era is specialized knowledge. For example, Mark Zuckerberg’s knowledge in computer programming. He built one of the biggest social media channels in this world, Facebook. Even if you look in your day to day life you will see some people are earning more due to their skill,
knowledge in certain topics.

Like this there are a total 13 topics which will help you achieve success in your life.

2. Atomic Habit by James Clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear

I know I have mentioned it already. But it is one of the best personal growth books on how to build a good habit and how to break a bad one. It is literally a guide. A step-by-step guide on how to develop a habit you want. Most helpful topic was building small habits.

The tiny changes that you make in your day to day life affect the most of your life.One positive change before going to bed and after getting out of the bed can change your life. Tiny changes like tidying up your bed, or smiling in front of a mirror.

These small changes can change the way you look at yourself. They will help you in building your confidence. It is one of the best book for effective time management for students.

3. 7 Habits of highly effective people

This is one of the best personal growth book in last decade. It will provide you the outline for personal and professional growth. Its focus is on being proactive, values that drive success mindset, making choices according to your priority.

Prioritize important tasks, and if you arrive at a problem have a problem solving thinking. Find the solution to the problems. Apply them. The last habit, my favorite, sharpening the saw, means improving your ability to do the same job more effectively and efficiently.

4. Steal Like an Artist

This is the best book for content creators. Why am I adding this in the personal growth department is to tackle the originality mindset. This world is full of mystery. One who sees those mysteries his work becomes unique. The world has a lot to offer. It just a matter of time someone will discover it.

But if you keep fixated on some unique way to do stuff then no one knows when you will figure it out. This book tells about how you can use the current skills, add your touch to it and tweak it a little bit here and there and you will have, not a unique but a stuff that holds the potential to reach millions.

Steal like an artist focus is on how you can make others skills, yours. Same skill but different results. In the modern world where millions of people create millions of content on a daily basis. It is about how you can present it in your own way.

5. Rich Dad and Poor Dad

A most read book of all time. Robert Kiyosaki the famous capitalist who talks about how rich people make more money. He talks about how poor people make poor choices to stay poor. If you read his arguments you will know what he is talking about. He says instead of saving the money and putting it idle at home or in the bank, invest it in a share market or buy a piece of land.

Let the money work for you. Allow money to make more money for you while you sit idle. He talks about the mindset of poor people and rich people. He breaks down on how rich people know money making strategies.

The above mentioned are one of the best personal growth books for young adults and men to read. Look no further than those. If you reread the above 5 books you will know what to do in your life.

Still have a question on what is the world’s number one self-help book?

If you are a deep reader and vivid thinker then I recommend you “As a man Thinketh”. It is deep and heavy. Small book but packs a lot of philosophical concepts. Interest in philosophy is a must to read this book. Otherwise you will only understand the tip of the iceberg.


Above are best personal growth books will help you in building better habits, a positive thinking mindset, success oriented choices, and problem solving ability. Reading them once is not the solution. Reread it till you apply them. Action is what drives the human.

What should I read for self growth ?

Atomic Habits by James Clear, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. These two books will give you enough idea on what places you need to work on. Read Think and grow rich first then read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

What is the world’s number one self-help book?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Why? It talks in details how your emotion can bring you great success. It will help you look at things from another perspective. How obstacles can be a step towards opportunity.

Do self-help books really work?

There is a saying, “Nothing works until you try it.” Implement what you have read is the way to go. Every Self-help books will help you understand what you are capable off. Work on yourself.

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